Frequently asked questions

Plan Limit Best Practice When Building a Plan

Plan Limits should be entered before Procedure Code Benefits as they populate picklists on that form. When a plan is created, the related plan information should be added in the following order: 1. Place of Service Benefits 2. Plan Limits - This is used by the create Procedure Code Benefits form and so that a limit can be associated with a code. 3. Procedure Code Benefits

Setting Accumulators in a Plan

In order to keep track of plan limits, an accumulator needs to be connected to a plan. If you open a Product (plan) there is a related list called "Add Plan Limits". This shows the accumulator and the limits for that accumulator at the Contact (individual) and Account (family) level. Either or both of the limits can be used but there MUST be one entered limit. There is a tab "Add Plan Limits" that shows all of the Accumulator Types which are NOT already connected to the Plan. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner to add a limit. A pop-up for adding a new plan limit will be shown. The ONLY thing which should be changed is the Plan Limits and Description.